Warm Memories of a Cold Night

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Warm Memories of a Cold Night

Jeff Silkwood shares about the way God blessed his trip to deliver some Christian media to a group of pastors in a mountain village. The materials were produced in partnership with the regional center in Chiang Mai and our coworkers at Freedom Films Productions.

By Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand


My whole family was invited to go with my friend, Pastor Prasan, to his home village for a special party, and we were excited to share in this event. Yet, as has become common for us since we moved to Thailand, our kids both got sick just before the trip, so other arrangements had to be made.

Just a couple months prior, I had purchased a used Suzuki motor scooter as a second means of transportation. We decided I should leave the family in the city and make a day trip on my scooter to Pastor Prasan’s village to drop off copies of the BEC (Biblical Extension Course) in the Thai language. These could be used by the pastors that would be attending the event. I was told that some 15 pastors from all over Thailand would be there. I thought, “What an opportunity to get people plugged into the resources produced by GNPI and Freedom Films Productions.”

Despite the caution that many people provided, I jumped on the scooter and began the five-hour trek to the village, which was located on the other side of the mountain called “Doi Intanon,” the tallest mountain in Thailand. The trip there was great, very scenic and pleasant temperatures. However, about half-way up the mountain, I started to realize just how cold the trip back home could be. It would be at night and much colder.

After arriving at the village, I had the privilege to meet the brothers and sisters of my friend and see the village where he grew up. I was able to spend only two hours with Prasan in the village, but while I was there, one of the pastors arrived. Prasan got so excited. He told me, “Jeff, the pastor you just met, his name is on one of the DVDs you are passing out.” It is amazing to see how God’s network of people comes into contact with each other. This “coincidence” also helped people understand the type of teaching that our BEC programs contain. Since they all knew this pastor, the teaching on the BEC program could be trusted. I had brought enough copies of both the Movement Everywhere program and the BEC program to provide each pastor with four DVD’s.

As I began my cold trek back down the mountain, I thought to myself just how fortunate I was to have been able to see some of the efforts being made by the local people to reach their own for Christ. I was cold, but I brought many warm memories back to the city with me.

My wife, Mary, and I are making the effort to travel to many nearby villages and towns. We set out to look for churches isolated around northern Thailand and supply them with the resources so they can be connected with the rest of the body of Christ. Programs like Movement Everywhere and the BEC programs offer means for people to be informed of God’s impact to the Thai people. We are continually amazed at what we find. We look forward to seeing how God will work in our lives and the lives of others in the days to come.


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