Vision Night 2016 Recap

Vision Night 2016 Recap

We are grateful to everyone who helped us celebrate our 40th anniversary at GNPI Vision Night events in Joplin, Indianapolis, and Phoenix. In total 442 people attended and generously gave $84,905 to further accelerate global evangelism through media and technology. Watch the video and read some highlights from Executive Director Mike Schrage’s update about our activities.

At the heart of any organization are its founders, and we are deeply grateful for the servant hearts of Ziden and Helen Nutt. They would, however, be the first to say, that the GNPI Board of Directors over the years, has offered wisdom and stability to an ever-changing and growing ministry. Twenty-three people have served, or are currently serving, in this role during the past 40 years.

This year’s theme, Ignite, is taken from 2 Timothy 1:6 where Paul writes, “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God.” For 40 years, God has been using the ministry of GNPI to fan into flame God’s influence on others throughout the world. GNPI does it by accelerating global evangelism through media and technology, igniting the knowledge of God and love for God in diverse and complicated cultures around the world.

This year our special guest, Nenette Pacoli, is part of the global network that is fanning into flame the Gospel of Jesus through her work in the Philippines. I have asked her to represent our global production network, which includes nine regional centers and eight Nomad teams, by sharing what she and her team in Manila are doing to ignite the knowledge and love of Jesus in her part of the world.

We believe God is going to continue to take our humble offerings and do amazing things with them. Would you like some examples? I’ve got a few.

The Global Gospel is complete in the world’s most widely spoken languages, and it will become even more widely available as more languages are included. In addition, it’s going to change shape. We’re responding to requests to prepare versions of these simple stories of Jesus for broadcast on television in places we never thought of and to move it via popular means like WhatsApp!

• App development will continue to grow this year. We’ll offer new app templates for our regional centers around the world and get content onto smartphones and tablets for people who are hungry to get the Word of God in their heart language. In addition, some key collaborators will use our content in their mobile projects too, taking our reach farther than we could have imagined two years ago when we unveiled our dreams about apps to you.

• Mark, our Nomad coordinator, has up to eight trainings scheduled this year with up to 150 trainees. With additional training, equipment, and production experience, these trainees will represent the next generation of media missionaries in places we’ve yet to establish a significant presence. Specifically, please pray for our growth in Latin America, North America, and China, where the fields are white unto harvest if we take advantage of the wonderful opportunities presented through media and technology. Recently, technology allowed us to prepare for the online delivery of our training! Whether they are trained in person or online, our national media missionaries are using iOgraphers (a mini iPad tablet), as an all-in-one camera and video editor for just $999! Two years ago, that process required both a camera and a computer, and it cost $2,500!

• We are in the development stages of another global digital project called New Angle Media. This is a series of 10 to 20 stories from the Gospels that are told from the first-person perspective by someone who encountered Jesus. Imagine Jairus and his daughter telling his grandchildren about what Jesus did one day in their village. We hope to create English templates and then produce it in digital form in multiple languages with interactive questions.

• Last month Tom Nutt and Bob Gurwell met in Nicaragua with 23 national church leaders and a few missionaries about new media opportunities in Central and South America. The encouragement and synergy was contagious.

ISIS effectively uses media to identify and recruit people for deeds of darkness, and they are doing an effective job. Shouldn’t the Church deputize technology for good instead of evil.

From filmstrips to digital graphics and projectors to iPhones, GNPI has seen a lot of change in 40 years. The world had 4.1 billion people when GNPI was founded in 1976. Today, that number has nearly doubled and two thirds of them do not know Him.

Friends, we must fan into flame and ignite in the heart of every believer the passion to use their talents, multiplied by technology, to accelerate the rate of disciple making among the peoples of the world. The animistic African farmer, the Buddhist mother, the Hindu teenager, and the Muslim child are waiting.

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