Using Media Wisely

//Using Media Wisely

Using Media Wisely

Executive Director, Mike Schrage

Media doesn’t have power by itself. It has to be created and then used by people. How it’s used is determined by us. Consider recent comments from different parts of the world that have crossed my desk.

“If ISIS can use media to motivate people to blow themselves up, surely we can use media to tell them about Jesus.”

“Christian media tools can go to places we cannot go and work among the hearts of people .”

“I just wanted to let you know that 10,120 plans were completed on YouVersion in five different languages.”

If the Internet, Facebook, and smartphones are being used to establish powerful global companies, create massive wealth, and even promote destruction, shouldn’t we be using them to redeem the time? Christ wants us to use media and technology for His purposes and His glory. Church, let’s use these awesome tools to share the Gospel so that more people will seek and find Christ!

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