Upholding Garissa, Kenya

//Upholding Garissa, Kenya

Upholding Garissa, Kenya

Recently terrorists attacked a college in Garissa, Kenya, killing 147 college students, making a statement of their hatred toward Christianity.  Garissa is located in the dry, northern part of Kenya. The news was especially disheartening for me, as Kenya was my family’s home for almost 20 years.

Though we’re hit by a torrent of emotion when we hear of devastation like this, the first thing we need to do, and the best thing we can do, is pray.  We should pray for the grieving families. We should pray for the Lord’s wisdom to guide Kenya’s government leaders as they process this act of terror. We should pray that through this devastation, hearts will be turned toward God.

That this atrocity happened around the time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus underscores his teaching that “this is not our home.” It causes us to draw, more than ever, on a deep-seeded hope that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

In the face of all the evil the world offers, the death of our Messiah brought forth boundless joy, remarkable forgiveness, and eternal hope. The death of these students punctuates the reality that all Christ followers need to consider, that conflicts and tests of our faith are real, and will come our way at some point. These conflicts test our faith and resilience, reminding us that ultimately, God wins!

Therefore, in light of this bad news, which is temporary, let’s hold fast to our celebration of Jesus and our commitment to accelerate the Good News. That brings eternal hope.

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