Unshakable Commitment

//Unshakable Commitment

Unshakable Commitment

A security guard stood outside the doors. We worshiped once inside, but it was the workshop topic announced afterward that hit me like a ton of bricks. It was titled, “How to encourage your family to stay faithful when persecuted.”

The audience was filled with men and women from northern Africa. I had read words from Jesus stating the price for following him could be persecution, but it was becoming more real to me. Pictures I had seen on CNN were a daily possibility for my friends here. I was greatly humbled I haven’t had these worries.

I thought of our partners in northern India facing persecution and of workers who have to be extremely careful in northern Africa and Southeast Asia. I remembered a NOMaD team leader, Protus, in Kenya, hiding for several days during dangerous tribal riots after the last elections.

Yet, I also remembered this: persecution and danger usually result in an unshakable faith. In fact, the prayer of many people who experience persecution is not to be removed from those situations, but that they would be able to glorify Jesus with their lives.

What an honor to serve with these heroes of the faith!

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