Two Key Words

//Two Key Words

Two Key Words

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

What a full itinerary! International Director Mark Johnson and I made a trip to India to visit five GNPI production teams via 15 flights in 17 days!

GNPI’s presence continues to grow steadily in this marvelous country of more than a billion people. That means nearly one in seven people who share the planet with us live in India!

It was a blessing to travel with our colleagues to meet young and established media disciples alike. I wish you could have heard their excitement as they talked about the Hindu seekers who called to have prayer and ask questions after their television broadcast on Christmas.

I wish you could have met the young students from the Nomad teams enthusiastically sharing about the impact of their video productions on their peers and communities. Their only request was, “When can you come and train us again?”

I wish you could have been in the college classroom as one team near the Nepal border explained how they watched a young couple come to know the Lord. They worked on a production during their college break. They introduced the actress and actor to Christians and shared their love for Christ. Later both of the actors became serious followers of Jesus, married, and now a year later, have been blessed with a son!

Yes, the trip was long but fulfilling. The key words in my heart were “thankful” and “potential” as we finished our curry and chai and said good-bye to these dear friends.

This journey of training, equipping, and encouraging could not have happened without your partnership. Thank you!

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