Americans sometimes see the word “tribe” in a negative light. Tribe brings to mind things from the past that we don’t always like to talk about. It’s the same in Africa, where I lived for 20 years. To be called a tribalist there was like someone in our nation being called a racist!

As we enter the Christmas season this year, understand that “tribe” can also be a very good thing. In my mind, it relates well to God choosing a people – a tribe to call his own. God became Emmanuel, born into the Jewish nation.Think about these people God chose, people deemed neither important or dominant in any way.

In essence, he used a tribe that seemed weak to display his great power. He used an unknown people to bring to the world our Savior. From that collection of people, who spent much time as slaves, he made freedom from sin possible.

In my own life, and perhaps you feel the same, I often feel inadequate and unequal to the task of sharing that possibility of freedom with others. Like the Jewish people before us, members in this tribe we call the Church are just as feeble and have just as many problems as the rest of the world.

Then I think about where God has placed me.  Just as Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab (weird names, but check Exodus 36) to perform very specific tasks in building a place for him to dwell, so God has summoned me for something very specific. He’s asked me to help deliver biblically-based media content to people around the world who need to hear the Gospel. Who, me? He answers with a resounding, “yes!”

During Christmas time as you think about the reasons God visited the earth, think about the reasons, too, that he visited you. What is he asking you to do for your family, for your church, for GNPI? Is it time to step up, to lead out, or to give? He’ll show you if you ask.

Whatever God’s asking you to do, know that answering the call can turn around a struggling family. It can transform a local congregation, it can propel a ministry like GNPI.

We’re thankful that you’re part of our tribe at GNPI.  Tribe is a good word, and a great idea.  God has made us part of his tribe, so we can help deliver the Message of hope into the lives of others who need him very desperately. Whether through support of our NOMaD teams, our regional centers, The Global Gospel, Solar Kits, or App development, you’re helping add to God’s tribe.

And that’s what Christmas is all about.


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