Training Christian Leaders in SE Asia

//Training Christian Leaders in SE Asia

Training Christian Leaders in SE Asia

Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia has prayed for years for God to help him to train more leaders. This year he is seeing God’s answer as he works with pastors throughout SE Asia.

1. Say Aye Kyaw(1)UAK

Timothy’s lesson is very beneficial. When Timothy revealed what he has studied, I understood many things I didn’t know before. I am convinced this is a powerful technique to use in sharing the Gospel with Buddhists. I wish to take time more to learn from him. I will definately use what I have been taught in evangelizing others.

If all pastors and evangelists in SE Asia would use this teaching technique and the tools, all of the people in our country would surely accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. People could differentiate true and false teachings.

2. Sy Naw SanNS

This lesson is very helpful to me. I had the privilege to hear about what I hadn’t heard before. I would like to recommend this lesson; it is beneficial in sharing the Gospel among Buddhists.

3. Sy Win Moe AungWMA

The lesson we are learning in this seminar is beneficial. I saw many weaknesses in the Church before I heard this message from Timothy P. Now I have more courage. I understand the concept of the Trinity in Christianity. It is very important to study more about this in order to explain it to others well.

4. Sy Aung HtwanUAT

Timothy’s lesson is very helpful to me because the place where I am working now has many Buddhists.

5. Sy Saw RawingSR

Timothy’s lesson gives us knowledge, and it is very useful in ministry. If we use these facts when we share the Gospel with our country, I believe there is 100 percent certainty for them to become followers of Christ.

6. Sy U Kyaw KyawKK

If we use this lesson well, it will be effective in penetrating the Gospel among Buddhists.

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