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Tough Choices in Puerto Rico

Carlos Perez works at Puerto Rico Christian school in Vega Baja. During the last few years he has used leadership training materials from GNPI, and recently sent this message.

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By Carlos Perez, campus minister of Puerto Rico Christian SchoolLocator_map_Puerto_Rico_Vega_Baja


Last week, I used the video Tough Choices¹ in our school. I showed it to three groups. We watched for 35 minutes (half of the video) on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday. On Thursday I asked the students, “What do you think about the video? What impressed you? What stood out to you? What would you like to talk about? What questions do you have?”

Oh boy, the students learned a lot!

Many students said, “I will keep myself holy for my future spouse.”

Others said, “I better focus on God and my career first, then I can ask God to guide me for a partner.”

Some girls said that abortion is pretty bad, but also getting pregnant before married is bad also. Some boys said that we need to treat girls with respect, and so on.

They understood why the girl in the video decided to have the baby instead of having an abortion. “Not too many girls are brave like this one,” the students said. “She had to put up with a lot, but God blessed her.”

I am thinking of using another GNPI video soon. Please pray for me. I really want to make a difference in the life of these students.


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1 Tough Choices is a drama about four high school friends who, when faced with some of the life-changing decisions of youth, make very different choices, paving the way to very different futures. The grace of God shines the light of redemption on a new path for these young friends as they consider sensitive issues of abstinence, abortion, and faith. It was produced by GNPI in 2003.


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