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This Wonderful Gift

A message of joyful thanks we want to share with you, our ministry partners.

Joshua V, a Christian worker in India

I can’t tell you how useful our Solar Kit has been.


We used it in 27 different villages so far, with almost 2,000 people attending to see our Gospel film programs. We had 138 people who gave their lives to Jesus, and in one village the whole tribe converted.


We face a lot of persecution, but God is opening doors. While we were in one village, extremists came and threw the projector on the ground. We were afraid the projector had been damaged, but it is working perfectly.


We have many pastors here who are praying and eagerly waiting to have more Solar Kits to use in their areas. Please continue to pray for the ministry here. We love you, and we thank God for GNPI. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful gift to reach out to the lost in India.


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By Bryce Powell - 9 March 2016 - Reply

This is an amazing praise and awesome report about the work GNPI is doing! The solar kit used by this worker was sponsored by the kids at Elm Branch Christian Church in Aurora, MO, during their 2015 VBS. The children at Elm Branch raised over $1,200 in five nights of VBS offerings! The children were incredibly excited to make such an impact for the kingdom of Christ. There is still a need for these solar kits I’m sure, so if 50 kids can raise funds for a kit in 5 evenings, then I know it is possible for others to step up and sponsor more of these kits! God bless you, GNPI, for your work and thank-you for partnering with our church to help spread the Gospel of Christ!

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