Things to Thank God For in SE Asia

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Things to Thank God For in SE Asia

Our center in SE Asia was established 10 years ago. TP works diligently to develop media tools to help Buddhists understand God’s plan.

By TP, Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

It is so wonderful working with GNPI. We thank God for your willingness to work together and your support for the team in SE Asia. My family and team members are fine as the Lord watches over us.

During these days, Charts of Evangelism, Hymns of Praise, The Owner of the Universe (10 keys facts) are in the process of printing. These will be available soon. The Armageddon News (DVD) is being produced in two languages. The first language will be finished in September. In September, we will record preaching for Thanksgiving and make new videos of Gospel songs.

This year has been quite a year. It has been wet this whole monsoon season. It was wet all over our apartment, but we thank God that the monsoon season will be over soon. In a month or so, we hope to move to a new place. It is an unfinished home, but we will complete it little by little.

One more thing I am grateful to God for is that I have nearly finished the evangelism tools. I have revised them many times as I use them to teach others. Every single person says it’s very clear. Many were baptized, and every week more new people accept Jesus as their Savior.

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I have trained four evangelists. They are working in different areas. The newest one is AS from our office. Now he and his wife are preaching in a small church which our family started. He is reliable in evangelism. He has traveled to his home village three times already since we started working together.

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MM was teaching guitar to youth in one of the districts until August 28th. PA is doing video editing. CA is recording music. He is also teaching guitar to a young man from the northern part of our area, near China’s border. He will teach youth in his village. He also wants to reach some young people from the other side of the border. Please pray for these young men to be able to serve the Lord continuously.


There are so many reasons I am thankful to God. To make it short, I thank God for Christian friends, my wife and four children, this GNPI studio and staff members, and I thank God for bringing new people into his family.

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