Their Need Is Our Calling

//Their Need Is Our Calling

Their Need Is Our Calling

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

People around the world have a significant need they’re seeking to fill.  Look at some of the ways they try to meet this need:

  • In the Ivory Coast, people visit shamans.
  • Witch doctors in Kenya sacrifice chickens.
  • In Nepal and India, food is sacrificed to idols in the form of larger-than-life animals.
  • In Myanmar and Thailand, the idols come in the form of bronze Buddhas.
  • Some Saudis pray five times a day to earn points in Paradise.
  • Those in Italy wrestling with guilt and the fear of Hell confess their sins to a priest.

The spiritual need of people who don’t know Christ is our calling. Let’s pray for ears to hear them, eyes to see them, and hearts to care for them!

This is the singular purpose our Creator God seeks to accomplish. Jesus obediently fulfilled this mission on the cross. The Holy Spirit now compels us, through the Church, to call those He’s drawing to Him. It’s what we do at GNPI; our vision is: to “fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

GNPI partners with the Body of Christ to accelerate global evangelism. We’re playing a role to meet the desperate spiritual needs of people around the world.

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