The Wizard of Uz

The Wizard of Uz

GNPI passionately accelerates evangelism by filling media voids throughout the globe with culturally relevant biblical content. By pursuing evolving technologies like mobile apps and Solar Kits, GNPI provides people, even in remote or hard-­to-­reach places, with the Message of Christ in their own language. GNPI multiplies its impact by equipping people and ministries around the world to use media and technology as a tool to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. One of our ministry partners in Europe shares this exciting update.

Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Eurasia

Wiz of Uz 1-1(1)

We wish you could have been here for our meeting with Andrey from Uzbekistan, the leader of the Central Asia apologetics ministry. I have nicknamed Andrey the Wizard of Uz. Media is the only way to spread the Message in his area. Digital book readers, cell phone apps, and online video and audio resources allow our team to work without breaking any laws against the Bible and Christian literature. Our years of experience help us to continue our ministry in the occupied territories where the limitations are very strict. Please keep this outreach in your prayers!

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