The Void

The Void

Mike Schrage, Executive Director


The world map on the wall in our Joplin GNPI office has black dots for our nine regional centers and photos of their staff. The eight maroon dots indicate Nomad team locations. These 17 production sites are the backbone of our global network. Much of the activity is in Asia and Africa. There is an absence of dots in Central and South America, where GNPI is not as involved. We have never been opposed to starting work in this region, but it has been slower to develop.

On February 11–13, more than 20 people representing several Spanish speaking countries plan to gather in Nicaragua to discuss what God has been doing through media in Central and South America and what God could do through future partnerships with GNPI. Bob Gurwell, our international consultant to the Hispanic world, has spent hundreds of hours conducting research, and we are excited to hear about the hopes and dreams of these local Christian workers.

We give God the glory for the way He continues to use our growing network to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology with production teams, strategic partnerships, and Solar Kits.

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