The Story Behind the Song

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The Story Behind the Song

Danny Salazar was leading a youth event in Mexico when he noticed a group of students quickly and quietly leave. He thought this was strange and then became concerned that something was wrong.

He learned there was a big movie premier the youth didn’t want to miss. He said, “My heart grieved for them. There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie, although most movies these days bring very little good to our spiritual lives.”

He wondered how he could encourage young people and help them focus on what’s most important. The next morning he woke up thinking of how movies are often promoted with the phrase, “Coming soon to a theater near you.” Danny thought, “Jesus is coming soon! As Christians, we easily forget what’s most important in our lives … the cross. In our culture there’s so much going on around us and coming between us and our heavenly Father, but we can rejoice!” He wrote down his thoughts and put them to music. “Our Savior is coming soon! He’s coming back for you. He’s coming back for me!”

Danny has worked with the GNPI team in Mexico to encourage people of all ages. Currently, he is serving God in the Dominican Republic and making a difference to students in his Cristo Rey neighborhood one song at a time.

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