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The Right Tool for the Job

by Eddie Gonzalez, Christian Worker in South Sudan

This Team Expansion worker is convinced of the need to use technology to reach people with the Gospel. GNPI is thankful to partner with Eddie and his team in their growing ministry.

The Right Tool1

  • How do you get the Gospel in the hands of those who cannot read?
  • How do you expand a goal of reaching not one hundred, but one hundred thousand people?
  • How do you find a tool for discipling those around you, when there are over five different languages spoken within one town?

The right tool is needed to be able to communicate even basic evangelism and basic discipleship when the obstacles are great. That is why our team is excited about distributing audio files. The audio Bible, in various tribal languages, can be given within a device the size of the tip of your finger… an SD card. The Right Tool 2People can Bluetooth, or file transfer, discipleship teachings and audio Bibles within minutes. It can spread like wildfire throughout the active electronic networks of the people in this country! Villages are already humming with music from radios and cell phones – the audience is already gathered!

An audio file is not constricted by illiteracy, it can be distributed at no cost, and it is not a book to be torn or worn. Our team has a big vision for spreading recorded teachings and audio Bibles throughout this country. It has already begun with our vendors in the market, neighbors, officials we meet at the border, and chaplains in the army.

Long after we leave, these files can keep spreading. Long after the sun goes down on a village without electricity, they can keep listening. Pray that the people who hear the audio Bibles will share them with others and produce fruit in their lives. Pray for us to produce good teaching.

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