The Restoration of Peter

//The Restoration of Peter

The Restoration of Peter

Peter was a church planter in Kenya. After the missionaries left Kitale where he lived, Peter began to teach false doctrines to young churches in hopes of earning money in dishonest ways. He continued down this path for almost a decade.

Slowly but surely, after a chain of difficult events in his life, Peter admittedly began to wonder if the way he was living was causing him to miss out on the blessings of God. He didn’t know what to think about his daughter’s miscarriage. He and his wife were always arguing. He was not welcomed by his former preacher friends, and most of his relationships with missionary colleagues were diminished.

One day he arrived early to a leadership training. During a time of worship, he confessed with tears, kneeling to ask forgiveness before the entire gathering. Afterward, for a season, he refused to be a student or teacher. He refused even to eat with his former colleagues. He had to come to a place where he forgave himself, and he could allow others to forgive him.

Today, Peter is fully restored and is a strong leader among the churches in western Kenya. Peter knows the Bible as well as anyone and is a powerful witness of the boundless grace and forgiveness of God.

It sounds a lot like the restoration experienced by another Peter nearly 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem.


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