The Powerful Effect of Solar Kits in Panama!

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The Powerful Effect of Solar Kits in Panama!

Technology is always changing. When this inevitability occurs, GNPI changes with technology. We’ve always maintained that methods are many, but the Message of Jesus stays the same.

Brother Juan Rodriguez in Panama has been preaching for 36 years. For all but five of those years, he has been using Solar Kits from GNPI. Their appearance has evolved over time, but the powerful effect has remained constant. He has shown Christian films to large crowds, including some who have never seen a television!

We love it when he shares his experiences. We think you will enjoy them too! Hear his full story in the video below:

Got time for one more video? Head over to “The Answer to Our Puzzle” to see our brother, Juan, along with several others in a compilation of testimonies about how Solar Kits are changing lives.

link “The Answer to Our Puzzle

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