The Power of Ten

//The Power of Ten

The Power of Ten

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

In September, I visited our regional center in Damoh, India. These friends have been working diligently to make ten versions of The Global Gospel available throughout the entire nation—a billion people!

The 88 stories of Jesus presented through The Global Gospel are simply illustrated and straight from the New Testament.


Guess what?

The simplicity and purity of these timeless stories are transforming lives even while in production. Numerous non-Christian actors, hired for their professional voice skills, have been so impressed after reading and speaking for hours about the life and teachings of Jesus that they wanted to study more!

That’s the impact God is making through your support of this effort!

What an amazing effort it is. Hundreds of hours are spent by these actors reading, line by line, from the Bible. They tirelessly record the audio so it has just the right inflection. When finished, their voices are masterfully mixed with music tracks to create a final arrangement for each story. Then, the entire work is prepared for distribution.

Is all of this work worth it? Without a doubt! Let me tell you why.

During my India visit I attended a conference with more than 1,000 Christians from around the nation. More than 1,460 copies of the Hindi language alone were distributed at this event. I wish you could visualize the impact! To date, more than 3,300 copies of The Global Gospel are finding their way to villages, house churches, ministries, and so many other people and places!

In a very short time, The Global Gospel has been produced in five Indian languages, and five more are in progress. Very soon, ten different languages will reach throughout India and even beyond the borders into Pakistan and Bangladesh.


The Word is moving, and it’s moving through you.

The story of Christ is actively permeating the lives of thousands in India. Even as I write this we received a request from our regional center for funds to distribute thousands more copies.

Hindu and Muslim actors asking more questions about Jesus. Evangelists sharing copies with village neighbors…YES! It’s worth it, and it’s the eternal difference YOU are making when you support GNPI.

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