The Power of God Connecting People Through Media

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The Power of God Connecting People Through Media

Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, writes, “We are so blessed that God has chosen us to share his love and to pray for all those who need him.” Simmi also passes on this report from her co-worker Robert:

We are happy to inform you that we have recorded 12 Gospel messages from the book of Proverbs.


One of our pastors felt the need to prepare messages from the book of Proverbs as there was a demand for something easy to understand for his ministerial work in the rural areas. The programs prepared by the GNPI studio are based on the demands of our evangelists to preach through the Solar Kits provided to them. The Solar Kits serve as an important tool in these areas.

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The Message of Christ was given, and The Passion of the Christ movie, dubbed in local dialect, was shown. The people were so moved by the movie that many shunned their gods and now want to know more about Jesus. As Punjabis are famous for their music and dance, it is easy to reach their hearts through music. Our Gospel song DVD, Mahima, left a lasting impact on the life of a lady in her 70’s. She has accepted Jesus Christ. She is bedridden, but every day she listens to the songs on DVD, sung by Mrs. Simmi Dhingra, and feels so content. That’s the power of God working to connect people through media.

The work on another Gospel song (audio) DVD is in progress. The lyrics for seven songs are complete, and the work on accompanying music is being rehearsed and arranged by the musicians. We hope to complete it next month. We are also working on a couple different Bible messages on video.

As you may be aware through news broadcasts, atrocities committed on Christians have become more frequent in India. We request that you remember our team in your prayers, so that we stand firm in our duties and commitment to our God.

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Pray that we might continue to preach the Gospel through media and reach those people who are still unaware of who Jesus is.


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