The Path of Moses (Part Two)

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The Path of Moses (Part Two)

Mark Allen met Musa at a Project Nomad training in Ghana over the summer. Musa was the eldest son of the Imam of the largest mosque in Tamale. Click here to read Part One of how Musa came to know the Lord, escaped death, and attended Bible college.

Mark Allen, Project Nomad Coordinator

Musa joined a church planting group after completing his missionary training in Accra. He discovered that his connection with the Muslim community gave him a unique perspective on planting churches. The Lord blessed him, and the organization asked him to lead a team that was headed to northern Ghana. The team would be based in his home city, Tamale.


Facing his past head-on, Musa went to Tamale and saw the same success in reaching the Muslim community. He started a number of house churches in the area while being shunned by his father, who wouldn’t allow him to talk to his family.

One day the elders of his father’s mosque appeared at his door. His father was dead, and there was a problem. The status and power of Musa’s father in the community as the Imam of Tamale’s largest mosque put Musa’s father in the “untouchable” category. No one felt worthy to perform the Muslim burial ritual. They wanted Musa to perform the ritual without including any “Christian” beliefs.

Musa agreed. The next day he conducted the burial rites. He respectfully washed and dried  his father’s body, wrapped it in cloth, moved the body to an open casket, and loaded the casket onto the back of a truck. Mourners followed the truck to the cemetery where Musa alone lifted his father’s body and placed it in the prepared grave, carefully rolling the Imam’s body to face Mecca as part of the ritual.

Musa followed the burial rites to the letter, respecting the Muslim tradition and gaining the respect of the community. Some people came to Musa afterwards and said, “Tell us more about the Jesus you follow.” Many converted to Christianity soon after the burial of Musa’s father.

Musa continues to work at church planting and preaching. In addition, he is now the leader of Tamale’s developing Project Nomad team, which has started producing culturally relevant videos about the Gospel to be shared with communities in and around the area.





He’s no longer known by the Arabic translation of his name. Instead he uses the English version, Pastor Moses.


What an amazing path he’s taken to become a true disciple.


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