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The Multimedia Apprentice

Mark Allen, Project Nomad Coordinator

This may sound like the latest reality TV show.  However, the true reality is that GNPI’s Project Nomad media teams are using their newfound knowledge to expand God’s Kingdom by equipping those who are faithful to The Great Commission with media tools to compete in a world where multimedia is king.

Recent modifications to the Project Nomad curriculum have allowed GNPI to define four new levels of training. This will allow believers worldwide to learn cutting edge video production techniques. Upon successful completion of Nomad Level I training each trainee will be designated as a “Multimedia Apprentice.” They will have the ability to share biblical teachings, as well as the stories of those who have made commitments to Christ, with the unreached in their home countries.

In addition to adjusting the curriculum, GNPI has created a new training kit which is simplified and more cost effective than previous systems. The iOgrapher, recently created by a multimedia instructor in California, is a device specifically designed to integrate Apple’s iPad Mini into the world of video production. This device supports interchangeable lenses, the addition of a professional microphone, and LED lighting. Just like any hi-resolution video camera currently available, it can capture HD video. Once video collection is complete, the same iPad Mini can be used to edit the final video and export it to YouTube, Vimeo, or any of the social media sites currently being used by potential seekers.

The reasons for GNPI’s transition to the iOgrapher Training Kit for Project Nomad is two-fold. Past training kits required both a video camera and a laptop computer to edit video collected by a production team. The new iOgrapher Kit provides a cost-effective way to give media disciples or other partners a video camera and editing device in one package. The savings between the new training kit and previous systems used by Project Nomad is $1,500-$2,000 per kit.

With this change GNPI can now extend the Project Nomad training budget by providing a greater number of video systems, used for both training and deployment, worldwide in the countries where instruction takes place.

Although it may seem like the “reality” show has taken over the TV world, the true reality is that GNPI is making a difference in the lives of those willing to immerse themselves in the technology that can reach thousands. It’s an exciting time for Project Nomad as the expanding digital world has allowed even the most rural areas to use digital video to help spread God’s Word to those who need to hear it the most.

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