The Goal

The Goal

Well, the USA did not win soccer’s World Cup. I was chatting with a colleague immediately after the game ended. He didn’t want to hear the outcome of the Belgium versus USA game because he was going to go home and watch a recording of the match.

Isn’t it interesting how knowing the score or outcome takes all the internal suspense (and in this case, excitement) out of a game?

The same could be said for the World Cup of life. There is so much drama during the actual game of life, with its challenges and illnesses, that are also peppered with joy and jubilation. However, reading the end of the Book (and taking a sneak peak at the score) indicates that the score is: Jesus 1 and Satan 0. He wins, and when Jesus wins, we win!

Bottom line, knowing the score should help all of us stress less and believe more. That’s the goal. GNPI exists, essentially, to help people understand that they can share in this victory with us.

I didn’t spoil the end of the match for my friend, but letting others know the final score in this game of life is a spoiler alert we should not hold back!


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