The First Years of GNPI

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The First Years of GNPI

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

These are some of our favorite photos and video clips from our archives. Our founder Ziden Nutt recalls some of the foundational factors in his life leading to the establishment of GNPI:

My mother prayed for me and promised not to complain if God wanted use me anywhere in the world, since my life was spared as a toddler after I wondered onto the train tracks when the neighbor left the gate open in our yard.

My mother’s stay in the hospital in June 1952 initiated my use of applied technology. I found a way for her to listen to sermons on a wire recorder from her hospital room.

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Christian service camp greatly influenced me.

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Don Hargrave was a great Bible teacher and example who encouraged me to consider full-time Christian service at the Black Oak Church of Christ in northwest Indiana.


The Black Oak Church of Christ purchased a 1933 Chevrolet bus frame to help me build a chapel on wheels, so we could start working among the unreached people of Gary, Indiana.

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Faithful missionaries, like J. Russell Morse, inspired me as well. He told me stories of using visual aids to draw people to hear the Gospel. He used a kerosene projector in 1933.

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Lincoln Christian College and Ozark Christian College provided a solid biblical background.

Ministry with Helen began with our marriage in 1958.

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Missionary Max Randall invited us to join the work in Southern Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. Our home churches played a major role in sending us to Africa.

Next month we will see how early efforts paved the way for GNPI.

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