The “E” Word

//The “E” Word

The “E” Word

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I’m thinking about an important word that starts with the letter “E.” Can you guess what it is? It’s critical to the world right now. No, it’s not election. It’s not economy. The truly big “E” word is neither of those. It’s eternity! Popular opinion or world circumstances cannot change this reality.

My father recently passed away, and I had the privilege of sharing his eulogy with a large crowd in his hometown, many of whom did not know Jesus. They work hard and are concerned about the economy. Yet, everyone feels the reality of death while standing next to a loved one’s casket. It’s a startling reminder to consider eternity. People can live 30 days without food and three days without water, but they cannot survive for three minutes without eternal hope.

As we think about this hope with Easter right around the corner, I wonder what my dad would say to us after a few days in eternity? Could he describe for us the awe of the God Almighty, the majesty of Jesus the Holy One, the number of angels, or the beauty of the homes Christ is building for each of His children? I think Dad would simply say, “Eternity is what Easter is all about! Eternity is what I want to be about.”

This is why I serve with GNPI and our ministry partners to accelerate global evangelism. Hey! There’s another important “E” word.

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