The Compassion of our Coworkers

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The Compassion of our Coworkers

Our regional directors are the pillars of GNPI’s ministry. They work day in and day out to share the Good News with their parts of the world using media. While they remain constant in their efforts, sometimes current events demand a change in the way they do ministry for a season.

I can think of several examples. Sergei Golovin, the director of GNPI-Ukraine, used to live in Crimea (now part of Russia), but due to political and military turmoil in his part of the world now lives in Kiev, Ukraine. In addition to the printing of massive numbers of books and other media efforts, his shift in location is allowing him to work with internally displaced children, prisoners, and soldiers.

International Consultant David Lall and Regional Director Manee Massey live in Damoh, India. An earthquake in Nepal demanded a response, so David’s son, Shawn, and a few staff members went with help. David also responds with compassion to the needs in his own country. The caste system in India is extremely challenging. When some key leaders from the low caste asked David for counsel, he responded with love, financial assistance, and free videos containing thousands of teaching material recordings.

TP, regional director in Southeast Asia is currently responding to the terrible floods that have impacted much of his country. In partnership with IDES, $10,000 of relief is headed to TP for him to share with some key villages that are in desperate need of benevolent assistance.

These are some recent examples, but I have seen this kind of compassion in all of our regional directors. The men and women who lead GNPI around the world are pillars of our work, but they are also pillars in God’s Kingdom as they “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15) and “show their faith by their deeds” (James 2:18).

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