The Boundless Gospel

The Boundless Gospel

The Good News of Jesus knows no bounds. That, in and of itself, is “good news!”

The fact that the Gospel is boundless means no heart is too hard, no nation too impenetrable, and no worldview too complex for the simple gifts of grace and forgiveness God offers freely. His love for people of all nations allows these mercies to break through any barrier!

At GNPI this year, we’re celebrating the boundless energy and reach of the Good News of Jesus. We want to share stories throughout the year of the unshakeable commitment, unwavering faith, unquenchable thirst, and unending joy we’re finding in people throughout the globe being touched by his wonderful power.

Highlighting this theme of “Boundless” for 2015, we’re bringing a special guest for our annual Vision Night events in March (register at Sergei Golovin, our regional director of GNPI-Ukraine, will be with us to share how God is using apparent adversity to multiply the impact of our ministry in that part of the world.

Sergei is a prime example of an unshakeable commitment. He’s an internally displaced person, or IDP – a name given to those who’ve had to flee from their homeland because of fighting or conflict. Skirmishes in Crimea, where our center is located, has caused him to seek refuge out of Simperofol, now annexed by Russia.

Despite Sergei’s physical presence in the office in Simpferopol, the staff in Crimea is still producing culturally relevant media. Sergei is now expanding his work in a different location that will continue to reach the people in Ukraine. He’s always seen media as a way to reach people beyond his borders, knowing that with technology God’s Word is boundless!

Recently Sergei shared an email to illustrate this point:

Dear Mike, I long to share an attached picture with you. Most probably it is done with a simple cell phone. It may not look fancy, has a low resolution, and you will not see anybody’s face on it. Yet, it brings a great joy to my heart. I received it from our coordinator at Central Asia. The picture is taken in a restricted country where one can be arrested and fined for having Christian literature, or one can be sentenced to ten years imprisonment just for having a second copy of the Bible at home (that would be considered as storing and distributing). However, media resources we provide online allow us to avoid all the restrictions. All these people are taking courses of the Apologetics School due to the opportunities media provides. What a joy to be a part of that great ministry!

You see, it doesn’t matter much to Sergei where he’s located. To him, the Good News is boundless. Because of that, he – like so many others in our network – will continue to share the Gospel, regardless of the restrictions and challenges.

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