The Benefit We Are Receiving!

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The Benefit We Are Receiving!

Executive Director Mike Schrage received this message from a friend who is working to share Christ in Kenya, Africa.



By Guest Blogger, Ryan Hayes of Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF)¹

I just wanted to send this photo your way (though I apologize that it isn’t very good quality) to show you (and the others at GNPI) how much benefit we are receiving from the Solar Kit you sent us. A friend that I work with in Zomba used the Solar Kit for an all-night vigil over Christmas to show The Jesus Film and many other Chichewa Gospel clips. Though the Kingdom isn’t about numbers alone, my friend saw two people come to Christ that night, and has three Muslim friends meeting regularly with him because of that night.

This just to say, thank you for your strong leadership at GNPI and for the unique ways that you are helping others to hear the Good News. I’m consistently privy to the truth that GNPI is continuing to allow many to hear the Gospel who wouldn’t otherwise hear it.


¹CMF International is a global missions team creating and growing Christ-centered communities, transforming lives in 20 different countries through God’s love and hope, justice and grace.



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