The Accordion Man

The Accordion Man

Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Piedras Negras, Mexico


GNPI’s Pablo Perales and Gustavo Velázquez are pictured with Josue Morales.

I want to share the testimony of the man who played the accordion in the Psalm 117 Music Video. Josue Morales, the accordion player, said one of our films made a significant impact on him and many other people.

Josue came by our office one day, and I offered to give him some of the materials we have produced. When Josue saw the films, he was surprised to learn we had produced the film La Ultima Oracion (The Last Prayer). He had seen this film in an evangelistic campaign where he was singing with his band. Josue said many people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior on the day they saw the film. He asked the pastor leading the meeting to show this film to other people because it helped win many souls to Christ.

Josue was very excited and thanked us for inviting him to be part of the Psalm 117 project.


He said he wants to continue working with us. He plans to help us in the upcoming musical project with Pastor Gonzalo Garcia by recording two songs on the accordion.


We praise God for new friends like Josue who helps us see our projects from a new perspective.


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