“The 3D Gospel”

//“The 3D Gospel”

“The 3D Gospel”

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I highly recommend The 3D Gospel by Jason Georges. It features the three key mindsets of guilt, shame, and fear that tend to drive the thinking of global cultures. Georges reminds us the Gospel is 3D as well; it addresses the needs of each culture.

Consider the guilt-innocence worldview (mostly Western; individualistic societies), the shame-honor worldview (mostly in the East; collectivistic mindset), and the fear-power worldview (typically tribal or African; referring to animistic cultures).

Citizens in the U.S. are often motivated by guilt. We have a strong sense of right and wrong. We use metaphors like “guilty as sin” or “missing the mark.” Our understanding of the weight of sin relates to the Gospel’s idea of grace that frees us from it.

However, Georges challenges us to see how “the Gospel is a many-sided diamond, and God wants people in all cultures to experience His complete salvation.”

At GNPI, we see the ways media can communicate the Gospel in living color to people from these three worldviews.

I appreciate this helpful graphic from Global Mapping International about the three primary cultures of the world as we try to share the love of Christ in every tribe, tongue, and nation.


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