That’s a PRAN!

//That’s a PRAN!

That’s a PRAN!


By Mike Schrage, Executive Director, GNPI

The Kikuyu man insisted that we, the missionaries, had to have a PRAN – we just HAD to have a PRAN! We thought we knew English and Swahili languages, but we were all stuck to figure out what in the world the word PRAN meant! Then it dawned on us that our Kikuyu colleague naturally switches R’s for L’s and that what our brother was hoping to communicate was that we needed a PLAN! We agreed!

At GNPI we have a new Strategic Plan! It’s a road map of taking the best that we can conceptualize, adding a component of faith, and intentionally moving forward with God’s people by God’s grace. Here is a summary of those steps:


Why Apps?

Because it is the digital delivery system of the future.

Why prepare discipleship materials for Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus?

Because almost half the world has one of those three religious worldviews.

Why the emphasis on The Global Gospel and NOMaD teams?

Because these are successful programs that need to grow!

So in the months ahead, our marching orders, our prayer posture, our conversation at the table and around the water cooler (digitally on Facebook and Twitter) will be, “How are we moving forward with our strategic plan?”

We believe this is the way to make GNPI bear more fruit – that’s the PRAN!

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