Thanks, GNPI!

//Thanks, GNPI!

Thanks, GNPI!

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I recently attended a missions meeting at my home church. One of the leaders read this simple message:

People from all over the country and the world are seeing the Good News in their homes, many for the first time! We are excited to see the impact. It’s far beyond what we could have imagined!

Stats on Facebook for The Global Gospel (TGG) videos:

2 videos with $10 each for advertising yielded

185,353 views of the videos and

75,026 views from start to finish.  

(Thanks, GNPI!!!!!!)

This data is for two of the 88 TGG stories (you can read more at The 75,026 views were watched from start to finish; these were not just the click and open rates! This is in a country with a Muslim majority population.

What a joy to be on the mission team of a globally-minded congregation who is partnering with GNPI. It’s a double blessing to be part of a supporting church that receives news from one of their global workers about the success of GNPI media in their hard-to-reach part of the world!

I want to pass on his words to you by saying, “Thanks, GNPI supporters!”

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