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Testimonies from Our Trainings

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

My coworker and I were invited to teach in the eastern part of our region several weeks ago. We had the privilege to share lessons about the True God and other lessons using our GNPI resources.  

This is the feedback from one of the pastors.


Your lesson was very good, and we are encouraged. Your lessons are very clear for those who are not believers as well. For pastors and ministers, every part and section of your lesson is really helpful. As for me, I think the “Illustration of the False Way and the Right Way” will be very effective, and all the other facts are also useful to me.

Your lesson made Buddhism very clear and transparent. We did not teach like this before, but I will use this method from now on. It helps people to understand who is the true or false god, and they can choose what is right and true.

My advice is to teach and train all ministers and evangelists with this lesson as soon as possible.

My coworker also went to the upper middle part of SE Asia. Here is an encouraging testimony about how the Lord is working through his ministry.

I was invited to teach about the Gospel at a youth camp, and God sent many believers and nonbelievers to hear the Message. Seventeen people made decisions for Christ and were baptized.

When the camp was over, I had the privilege to visit four villages and fellowship with the people there who are under God’s leading. I give thanks to God for those villages because in the past there were no believers there. Yet this time I saw many people who believed in God and accepted Jesus Christ. The people from those villages talked about the camp and how they were encouraged. I was so pleased to hear that they will be trying to share the Message with those who don’t know about God yet. They also invited us to come back during the Christmas season to help share the Message in their villages.

The benefit for those attending the training camp is that they have learned things they did not know before. They know now that only Jesus is the true God and the Savior of the world.

I hope and pray for these areas that God will give blessings, bring more people to faith in Him, and have more disciples and workers.


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