Taking Spiritual Weapons to Prisoners in SE Asia

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Taking Spiritual Weapons to Prisoners in SE Asia

PD of GNPI-SE Asia shares this testimony of an evangelist they met at their office recently. The evangelist has a prison ministry in the southern part of the region. PD says, “We gave him some of the tools that we have produced. The following is his heartfelt testimony.”

Pungshin's Testimony-1

My name is PY. I am an evangelist working in SE Asia. I am very thankful to you for preparing these spiritual weapons. The tools you have produced are really useful. In this state there are different ethnic groups even among this people group. They worship different religions. When we go to their people, we can see some of them are Christians, some of them are Buddhists, and others call themselves Le Ge, or the Ariyah religion, which is mixed with Buddhism and the spirit worship system. We are going to four different places on every Saturday. The Ariyah followers can take the whole day discussing and studying about God on Saturdays, so we can talk to them on that day.

Pungshin explain-1

When we started sharing the Gospel with them, we used the tools, such as charts and A Handbook of Evangelism. If we share with them solely the Scriptures, they don’t show us any sign of understanding. However, if we use these materials along with the Scriptures, they can’t reject our words and are very much interested in listening. Therefore, I am very sure that if all Christians used these tools when they evangelize, Buddhists would be convinced and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


The tools that you produced are very helpful and effective in sharing the Message. I would like to request that you produce more and more products so that the Gospel may be spread everywhere. Another thing I want to request you is that you give us training on how to use them effectively for spreading the Gospel among non-believers. We pray for you always. Please do remember us in your daily prayers for our ministry.


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