Summer 2015 Solar Kit Stories

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Summer 2015 Solar Kit Stories

GNPI has three Solar Kit workshops to assemble the equipment best suited for their regions of the world. It has been a blessing to hear new reports over the summer of how the nearly 400 Solar Kits are being used in almost 50 different countries to help share the Gospel.

Sean writes from a mission trip with his church, “I had to share this. We were begged by the kids to show them another movie tonight. As soon as it started they all said they wanted to see the movie about Jesus. They were glued to the program. Praise God for the heart for Jesus these little ones have. Thank you, and all of GNPI, for providing the unit and the content.

Cheri from Houston, Missouri, called to say, “Our daughter, Suzy, is in Haiti and has been working in the Pasrien village doing a Vacation Bible School. She knows of the work of GNPI with The Global Gospel and Solar Kits. She reported that the Christian workers just received one of the Solar Kits. The kids watched a movie for the first time ever last night. The children didn’t even want to eat because they were so busy watching it. They drug the benches outside, and the kids ate their food outside watching it on the wall. Praise the Lord! Thought you’d like to know the impact.

Executive Director Mike Schrage packed up several kits to take with him to Africa last month. The team at GNPI-Uganda has some Solar Kits they allow evangelists to check out for a time and then return for others to use. This has been a popular program, so they needed to replace some worn out Solar Kits.


Director of Operations Tom Nutt assembled two Solar Kits for representatives from Legacy Christian Church in Kansas City, Missouri, so they could deliver the kits to Christian workers they support in Burkina Faso.  


A Bible translator in Chhattisgar, India, recently received a kit from Regional Director Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh. The Bible translator was very excited to use this kit to show the people more about Jesus in the area where the people are illiterate. 

Selvi_Michael - 18

As we strive to be culturally relevant, the Solar Kits are being adapted in each workshop. Enjoy watching the updates about Solar Kit designs:

Damoh, India

Chaing Mai, Thailand

Joplin, Missouri

Thank you helping us accelerate global evangelism through Solar Kits!


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