Striving for Excellence

//Striving for Excellence

Striving for Excellence

by Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Nobody’s perfect. But, I bet none of us want to fly in an airplane where the pilot is right only 90% of the time. You likely wouldn’t have much confidence in a surgeon who get’s it right even 95% of the time. To arrive safely and on time, and to live long without complications, we prefer 100% in these areas. Simply put, we want excellence when our lives are in someone else’s hands.

GNPI’s founder Ziden Nutt strived for excellence in everything he did and built the ministry on that principle. No, their lives aren’t in our hands – they’re in God’s. But, he’s using us to put before them an eternal life and death decision.

That’s why we network with missionaries and nationals. They know best what their people need. That’s part of producing excellent content and the reason our nine regional centers and growing numbers of NOMaD teams create media based on cultural insights from local people. It’s a test of endurance and patience but is always best.


We strive for excellence in every step of a GNPI production. Not because our pride demands it, but because the eternal destinies of billions of unreached people in the world hang in the balance.

We strive for excellence in all that we do because there actually was one perfect person. Jesus Christ. He deserves our best. When we give it, he’ll use it, and more people will know him.

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