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Strategic Outreach to Students

Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Eurasia

God keeps filling every challenge the world provides for us with new opportunities. Due to our teaching and training office in the new location in mainland Ukraine and volunteers going out as displaced persons to various regions of the country, we are able to respond to those opportunities more effectively as a result.

Our spring started with an exciting trip to Kharkiv, which is the second largest city in Ukraine and a key location of influence.

Kharkiv Church

The main focus of the trip was a retreat with the leaders of the Evangelical Students Fellowship. Media is usually the only way we can communicate, but this was a chance to come together face-to-face.

CCX Kharkiv 3 (1)

We have quite a history of partnership with several of them who moved to Kharkiv from Crimea and developed a successful synergy with local youth leaders in the region. We spent a great time together discovering Scriptures on various issues of effective evangelism, civil society foundations, and personal growth in Christ. This is an impressive group of young, devoted servants of the Lord!

CCX Kharkiv 2

CCX Kharkiv 1 (1)

The most amazing experience during these meetings was visiting with a self-identified strong atheist who attended all of the seminars to figure out where we were trying to trick him. I had to tell him that I believe he will not be able to remain an atheist for very long. He has a gift of asking good questions, and they will lead him to the right answers eventually. Please pray with us for that young man. I do not know his name, but the Lord knows!

Despite a pretty full spring schedule we did not want to decline an invitation to make a presentation at the Science and Bible Students Club at the biggest national university on the Western side of the country in Lviv.

Student Club Lviv 2

We realize the strategic importance of reaching students in post-communist universities where most of the professors are products of an atheistic totalitarian government. If we want to have Christian leaders who are scientists, economists, physicians, politicians, military officers, and police officers, the most effective time to reach them is while they are still students. About half of the audience were unbelievers, and most of the rest were new believers. It was a great occasion to discuss foundational issues of faith and worldview. I truly appreciated the wise questions them the students, both skeptics and believers, in their honest search for truth!

Student Club Lviv 1

Please pray with us for all of these young people who had an opportunity to learn, to shake the dust off their feet, and to build the new nation on a solid and reliable biblical foundation!

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