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Stories with Strategy

Stories communicate powerfully with people of all ages. You may have noticed how they are especially effective in teaching children. One of our latest initiatives seeks to take advantage of this to share the Gospel with children throughout the world.

New Angle Media features 20 stories told from a “new angle.” People in the Old and New Testament who walked with a prophet, or Jesus, retell biblical events from their point of view. These testimonies point to the truth about Christ’s ability to meet our need for salvation.

New Angle Media is one of the most expansive and exciting GNPI initiatives in our 42-year history. It includes a specially designed mobile app and fully integrated media strategy to connect Muslim seekers to local discipleship groups who answer spiritual questions and help lead them to Christ.

You can help introduce people to Jesus by investing in New Angle Media. Learn more by contacting us at or 417-782-0060.


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