Spoken Word

Spoken Word

I just returned from an enriching time at the 2015 North American Christian Convention (NACC). The theme for the gathering was “We Speak.”

Obviously, you and I understand what’s behind the spoken word.  One of us opens our mouth, something comes out, it’s taken in and processed by the other, and responded to in some way.

However, did you know there is a literary process called “Spoken word?”

Spoken word involves performance-based poetry. It makes use of wordplay and storytelling to dramatically highlight a concept or idea. Performers of spoken word weave in poetic components like rhyme, repetition, slang, improvisation, along with tone, gestures, and facial expressions to create a unique audience experience.

Watch the video I’ve included below and listen to this wonderful perspective about how the global Church has been present to tackle the issues of education, healthcare, slavery, racism, and others!

At GNPI we believe Jesus was the paramount Spoken Word. Sharing His story brings hope and healing to a world desperately searching for peace. Yes, Jesus is still Lord of all!


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