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Speedy Solar Kit Assembly

Tom Nutt, GNPI director of operations, wears many hats. He works diligently to keep up with requests for Solar Kits. He orders supplies, uploads media to micro SD cards, and prepares Solar Kits to be sent to Christian workers around the world.

Richard Walker, a volunteer from Milford Christian Church, spent a day helping Tom assemble some Solar Kits. We appreciate all our ministry partners who help us to provide these tools and share the Gospel.

2 Responses to “Speedy Solar Kit Assembly”

By Tynan and Lydia Barnes - 3 February 2016 - Reply

We received ours today. Thank you very much. What a huge blessing! I would like some instructions on how to use the solar panels and ports and the orange cord…
Thank you very much!

By GNPI - 26 February 2016 - Reply

Hello! I hope you have received a response earlier. If not,

This video may be helpful to you in how to use the solar panels and ports and orange cord.

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