Jeff Silkwood has joined his father, Tom Silkwood, regional director of the GNPI regional center in Thailand. Part of Jeff’s responsibility will be to assemble and distribute Solar Kits.

by Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand

Jeff Silkwood Family

We can see how God is already working here in Chiang Mai, and we are amazed that we were led to meet a pastor and his family. The pastor has several of our same interests and passions. One goal of the church where this pastor serves is to reach out to the community and also to villages in the mountains. They invited me to come along and see the villages throughout Thailand. Some of these villages are Christian and some are non-Christian. We are speechless to see how God is moving as we just arrived here, and we were not even looking for this ministry opportunity.

The pastor also told us they have had a hard time doing some of their mission work in the mountains because they can’t take their projector and play the songs and other materials for the kids without electricity. I told them about the Solar Kit project, and they were amazed. They thought this would be a wonderful benefit and tool to spread the Gospel in the villages of Thailand. The pastor asked me if I would have time to go with him to the mountains. Why wouldn’t I have time? This is why I came to Thailand!

We have no idea what direction this opportunity could take us, but we are excited to see how it blends with all of our goals.We didn’t know where to start our ministry with GNPI.We didn’t know where we would take or use the Solar Kits after they were made.We didn’t know where to look for the needs in Thailand, where to evangelize after we get more language skills or even how to dive into learning the Thai culture. This is an open door with the possibility to begin answering all these questions. We are praying that God leads us in the way he wants us to go and gives us the discernment about what to do in every situation. It is good to be speechless, so we can listen for God’s leading.

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