Some Really Good News

//Some Really Good News

Some Really Good News

GNPI produces media. I can remember, not long ago, when watching television, going to movies, or listening to a “televangelist” was considered taboo. Today, in a 1000-channel world, amplified by social media, that fear has dampened.

Some Really Good NewsMedia is just like anything else – it can be used for good or bad. Unfortunately, today it seems like the bad aspects of media are overwhelming us. Yet, I am part of a team that believes God can redeem media (in all its forms) to use it for his purposes.

What Seth Godin recently wrote about media interests me. He wrote,

“I’m fascinated by this paradox. By connecting us, by integrating cultures, and by focusing attention on injustice, the media has dramatically improved the quality of life for everyone on the planet. At the same time, by amplifying the perception of danger and disaster, the media has persuaded us that things are actually getting worse. It creates a reason for optimism and then makes a profit by selling pessimism.”

Seth is right. Media has power to lead. Just as it highlights injustices, it helps start events like the Arab Spring.

In which direction will we help point the people of the world? Media has the potential, when biblically sound and culturally relevant, to be sacred rather than scary. Media can be a tool instead of a trap.

That is some really good news.

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