Solar Kits: Tools of Blessing

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Solar Kits: Tools of Blessing

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

A Tanzanian evangelist stopped by the GNPI regional center in Nairobi, Kenya, to share his appreciation for his Solar Kit. Though it’s been awhile, I remember what he said like it was yesterday.

“Mike,” he said, “Jesus had miracles to draw people, and you have your white skin. When I go to a village, I am just another African brother UNTIL I bring the Solar Kit, then people come to listen. It is my miracle!”

GNPI was able to provide this Tanzanian evangelist with a Solar Kit because of very generous people. In fact, we’ve been be supplying Solar Kits, in various forms, to church workers around the globe for decades because you caught the vision. People are still joining us in this vision.

GNPI recently held another fundraising event, led by volunteers, which will allow us to distribute another 31 Solar Kits to the places God determines. Those assignments have taken Solar Kits to more than 50 nations to date.

Whether you’re a volunteer who organizes an event, the donor who provides the funds, the evangelist who uses the Solar Kit, or the new believer who receives the Message, thank you for being part of the Solar Kit story.

Hudson Taylor, a famous missionary, wrote, “The use of means ought not to lessen our faith in God, and our faith in God ought not to hinder our use of whatever means He has given us for the accomplishment of His own purposes.”

We praise God for this amazing tool; He’s using it  to accomplish His own purposes.

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