Solar Kits Take Christian Media to the Hardest-to-Reach Areas

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Solar Kits Take Christian Media to the Hardest-to-Reach Areas

by Greg Fish, Creative Project Designer, GNPI

Imagine you are a missionary trying to reach people deep in the jungles of the Amazon. Many can’t read, and sharing the Gospel visually is a challenge because electricity is scarce to non-existent. This was the case for David Gonzalez and his partners, just one of similar scenarios all over the globe. If only there was an innovative way to help nationals and missionaries use media resources in their evangelism efforts!

There is. The GNPI Solar Kit is a lightweight, easily portable projector powered by the sun. Solar Kits are taking the Gospel places never before thought possible. Thanks to the donations of generous people, now David can take his brand new Solar Kit with him as he travels down the Amazon by canoe. Moving images that are commonplace for us, captivate and engage all audiences in remote places. The testimonies seem limitless, but one early adopter of this technology once said:

“I used to have 40 or 50 people come for preaching services and baptisms were few. Now I have between 500 and 600 people come and baptisms are in the hundreds.”

GNPI’s regional center in the Philippines wrote recently that they will be converting all their material (previously released on DVD) to play from SD cards on the Solar Kit. This is so pastors in the typhoon affected area of Culion, Palawan, can take turns using this resource where electricity still has not been restored.

The first Solar Kits at GNPI were audio-visual packs that powered film-strip projectors. They evolved over time to support VHS, DVD, and now feature micro-projectors. In over more than three decades, about 400 Solar Kits have been mobilized to nearly 50 countries throughout the world.


The Kits are customized to meet the needs of specific regions in the world. In India, for instance, the Solar Kit utilizes a popular built-in TV, while the projector-style kit comes in a waterproof case that, when opened, doubles as a small screen. Many project media on a wall or a sheet.

Donate Now

Donate Now

GNPI planned to raised funds to mobilize 100 Solar Kits in 2013. With God’s help that goal was surpassed – 132! The cost to assemble and mobilize an entire kit is $1000, but donations of any size can help these powerful ministry tools become a reality for missionaries like David Gonzales. Your investment could be part of a life-changing story!


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