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Solar Kit Workshop

Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the last messages we received from Tom Silkwood before his unexpected death on March 26, 2016, was about the plans for a Solar Kit workshop in Thailand. Tom had also taken time to share about the main projects they were working on and why he was excited about them. He discussed some incredible opportunities in Thailand.

Details to move ahead on the Solar Kit workshop are in progress, and we are very grateful for the efforts of Tom and Jeff Silkwood.

Our mission board members met and reviewed the quotes from Speed Home Company. We agreed that this is a perfectly doable project using this new construction method. The building will be quite large at five by eight meters with a front porch adding another two meters to the front. This type of construction eliminates the trouble of finding contractor. The building will be built in modules and brought in by a truck with a crane. The final assembly will be on our grounds. It seems we have found the ideal solution.  

The building should be completed within two weeks after the footings are poured. I’m excited, and all of our team here in Thailand is on the same page.

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