Solar Kit: The Huge Blessing

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Solar Kit: The Huge Blessing

A Christian Worker in China

Thank you for the huge blessing of a Solar Kit for me and several friends in ministry to use in a variety of ways to share the Gospel for the last 18 months.

The Solar Kit has been a tremendous help to me in my ministry to a formerly unengaged, still unreached, minority ethnic group in the remote mountainous areas of Southern China. While the group has no written language, a short, evangelistic video is available with their cultural context and mother tongue. We’ve shown small groups of people in many different villages the hope of the Gospel using this video and other evangelistic videos in Mandarin Chinese. The response has been very encouraging. They are so excited to see a video in their own language and request more.

Other ministries in my city have been blessed by the Solar Kit as well. One ministry team who works with skateboarders has competitions where they share their testimonies with the entire group. They record their testimonies on video to make them more accessible and shareable, then they use the Solar Kit to show them to a wider audience. Multiple commitments to Christ have been made by the sharing these testimonies, and small discipleship groups have been established to help these new believers grow.

Another national Christian brother who felt led by God to open a gym used the Solar Kit to paint Scripture in both Chinese and English on the walls of his gym. This makes the love of God clear to all who walk through the gym doors.

I look forward to continued to use of the Solar Kit in the villages and hope it can be used in the future for discipleship.

Paul Bacon, a friend of GNPI from a supporting congregation in Indiana, connected us with this Christian worker. Contact us at if someone from your church could benefit from this tool. GNPI has been using Solar Kits to help share the Gospel since 1981. Since then the ministry has sent more than 600 Solar Kits to nearly 50 nations.

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