Solar Kit Milestone

Solar Kit Milestone

Coworkers at GNPI have been developing the Solar Kit for more than 30 years. GNPI currently has two workshops where the Solar Kits are assembled, in Joplin and in Damoh. A third workshop is underway in Chiang Mai, which was made possible by a generous grant.

For each region of the world, the Solar Kit is configured in the way that best serves the people of the area and is most affordable. Jeff Silkwood has been working to make sure all the components are accessible in Thailand. We recently received this report about his progress with the Thai Solar Kit.

By Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand


The Thai version of the Solar Kit has reached a new milestone. The first system designed for this region is up and running and includes the solar panel, junction board, battery, and television. The next step is finding a better lithium battery (if it is cost effective) and replacing the wooden junction board with a lighter plastic or PVC board. The new system should be in the field within the next couple of months.

There are a number of local and regional evangelists available to start testing the system. My biggest concern is good communication with the people using the new system. Feedback is difficult because geography hampers communication, but it is important for us to know how to refine the system for the future.

We are very excited to adapt the Solar Kit for this region of the world, so we can begin to assemble the Solar Kits in our own workshop. We want to provide these ministry tools in the most economical and efficient way.


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