Slow and Steady Wins the Race

//Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

SlowSteady_01Much of the evangelism done by GNPI in Southeast Asia takes place through one-on-one conversations, visits to small villages, or in house churches.

The work is vital, but it could be compared to the tortoise—slow and steady.

Many people come to TP’s (our co-worker) office with questions about “the one true God.” The conversations they have lead to additional opportunities. The Southeast Asia team receives constant invitations to come to a village or someone’s home and teach.

Many times the invitations aren’t close to home. Sometimes, taking advantage of an opportunity to share the Gospel means traveling by bus or riding on the back of a motorbike. It may mean hiring a tuk tuk or a boat. It almost always includes walking many miles.

One thing is consistent—it’s never easy.

But, time and again, God has answered prayers and given us evidence of the fruit of our labors. Here are some of the results from a GNPI production in that area – designed specifically for the people in that region.

• One family was convinced after spending two days reviewing the GNPI production. They have decided to be baptized.

• In another village, a family was given a GNPI resource and after one week asked for a visit to share that they understood Christ and wanted to accept him as the true and living God. They asked for someone to teach their son.

• In yet another village, a family asked to have the difference in Jesus Christ and Gautama, the local god worshiped by many in the region.

There are even more stories about people who are choosing to abandon false gods for the one true God. This last quote truly emphasizes the impact TP and his team are making for Christ in Southeast Asia. The English isn’t perfect, but the Message is:

“I has been worshiping Gautama for more than 50 years, but I did not know the way of Gautama. I became to know about the history and reality of Gautama after you explained about him to me. And I also became to know about the reality of Jesus Christ by reading the (one of your resources).”

– Py, “L” village

Isn’t it interesting to see the hunger so evident in many for “the one true God.” They know they haven’t yet heard about him, and they know where to go to get it!

The tortoise worked slowly, but he eventually won the race. One by one, sometimes slowly, but surely, we’re winning people for Christ is Southeast Asia.

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