Set the Bar High

//Set the Bar High

Set the Bar High

by Nenette Pacoli, regional director in the Philippines

Setting the Bar High4It was an exciting day—the day we showed the Courtship episode of WWJD to over 60 college students at a public university near our church.

Part of our plan this year is to go to Christian organizations, schools, etc. to offer our materials, and it seems the Lord is showing the way to go; he is definitely ahead of us!

One of our church members met one of the students from the university and introduced her to Pastor Geoff. I was there when she told us of how the students meet every Tuesday, and she helped with those activities: Bible Studies, etc.

Together we made arrangements to show the WWJD, Courtship episode at the university. We were expecting only about 30 students, but the area they gave us was packed, and with a lot of boys to boot! Before we started, we passed out paper so they could (anonymously) write their questions about courtship. They were the usual, “How would I know if he’s/she’s the right one?” and “When is the right time to enter into a relationship?” etc.

Setting the Bar High2

They gave their full attention to the video, and many were reacting at the “right” places. After the video, Pastor Geoff and I answered the questions they asked. I also asked them what they learned from the video, and praise God, they remembered all the right things!!!

Setting the Bar High3I emphasized to them the lesson that “no man or woman can complete you; only God can.” Pastor Geoff closed the session with, “You can only know what true love is if you know God….” We can’t go beyond making those statements; we would be breaking the law if we asked them to pray for salvation.

Pastor Geoff had to leave early, but after the event, many students came up to me to thank me for the video. Two boys even said, “that segment about being prepared physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially really spoke to me….”

We were invited back, so next time we will show Purity. Please help us pray for that time!

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