Seeds Planted

Seeds Planted

Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Eurasia

The purpose of our ministry is tri-fold: introducing the Truth to skeptics, strengthening the saints’ confidence in the Truth, and equipping God’s people to proclaim God’s Word effectively.

UES 2016 04 4 (1)

Our resources on creation evangelism and the biblical foundations for civil society are in high demand.

UES 2016 04 7

More and more schools and churches are also asking for resources on logical thinking. Teaching Bible and logics courses at the Joint School of Christian Apologetics caused a ripple effect, and we have scheduled several more opportunities to teach and train. The course at Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary served church leaders from Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. Please join us in praying for the seeds planted.

UES 2016 04 9

UES 2016 04 3

UES 2016 04 6

Seminars for a student club have also prepared the soil. It was very exciting! There were three days of seminars on science, Bible, and creation evangelism attended by leaders from the region, as well as those from the city of Ternopil. We did not have any network presence there before this seminar.

Lviv Science Bible 9 (1)

Another exciting project is the Daniel School. Its purpose is to train select teenagers to be church and society leaders. The program includes studies of Scripture, apologetics, logic, rhetoric, sports, camping, hiking, rafting, and teamwork. We are going to provide academic content for this program. All the sessions are broadcast online.

Daniel School 8 (2)

Daniel School 4

I was especially touched by the young people who followed us online from the war zone. A group of seven even followed us online from a basement in one the hottest spots of our country’s confrontation. They were listening to both the Creation Evangelism seminar and shell bursts. May the Lord keep them safe and protected! Please pray for this great project and for these devoted young people. They are the future of the Church and the nation.

The Lord is opening a lot of opportunities in Ukraine to impact believers and prepare them to always give an answer about the reason for our hope. These baptism pictures were taken near Kiev.

Baptism 8

Baptism 2 (1)


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